Offering an elegant touch to your special event.


McKayla’s beautiful, versatile repertoire enhances weddings, all-occasion parties, gallery exhibits, reunions, corporate gatherings, holidays, retirement centers, etc.

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Enjoy streaming the recorded tracks below from McKayla's album, McKayla's Greatest Hits.



1. Over the Hills

4. Claire de Lune

2. Tara Theme

3. Tammy

5. Somewhere Over the Rainbow

6. Danny Boy

7. Adagietto



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Harpists Helping Hospitals


In addition to playing the harp for hire, McKayla has generously shared her talents in support of organizations and causes important to her.


For example, in realizing the incredible soothing and healing effects harp music can have on people, McKayla has donated many hours playing at the local hospital, Utah Valley Regional Medical Center.


But beyond providing uplifting music at the hospital, McKayla was made aware of a need and acted on it. She and other harpists were spending a lot of time and effort transporting their personal harps to and from the hospital. So McKayla participated in raising funds to donate a harp to the hospital's foundation, which is now stored on location at the hospital. McKayla then helped organize a program in which local harpists can schedule times to volunteer their musical services, using the on-site harp.

These services have provided great blessings to hospital patients and visitors, as well as local harpists and harp students.


For more information, visit Intermountain Healthcare's Harp Program page.

(from Intermountain Healthcare's Harp Program page)

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